I have been so busy at my day job over at WISC that I have neglected here a bit. We have been trying out new equipment we got in from China and I must say it's really amazing! But today, I decided to take a much needed day-off. The team and I at WISC have been working ferociously the past 2 months.even working through holidays, so a day off is very welcoming.

I did my regular daily morning rituals; yoga, meditation and sun salutation's with my ever faithful guru. Then I spent most of the morning online, it's amazing sometimes I get so unispired by the online entrepreneurship world. So much of the emphasis is on getting clients, traffic, and likes - likes, traffic, clients. Even seems the new online trend is 'inspirational' I wonder how many actually live it.  Most seem to be just sitting behind a computer trying to hustle. But such is life...I guess.

I on the other hand, always believe in being the change you wish to see. LIVE the life of your dreams. Speaking of dreams, I've always wanted to get a bit more earth connected, so I've decided to get into nature lately, I've already begum  realizing how balancing and healing it is for me without even trying. For those of you who work a lot and don't get a lot of nature time during the day, you may want to try this thing called "Earthing" I just recently heard about. It is where you spend 5-10 minutes sitting or standing on the Earth each day. For example, in the grass, beach, forest, or other. It helps us to connect with the earth's rhythms so we stay grounded and in balance. Try it and let me know how it goes for you and if you notice a difference.

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  1. Hello from London,
    I found your blog today and fell instantly in love. I've followed you via email.
    I heard of this earthing recently too and even tried it the past 2 days I love the results so far. Will keep you posted.