Logging into facebook today I discovered this week is considered brag week. Imagine there is actually a #BragWeek where everyone can brag about something..anything.  How is it done? you brag about some part of your life ensuring to use the hastag #BragWeek. Of course, you know, I must give this a go.. but before I do let's talk a bit about pride. Because you're sure to know there will some people that would think to brag about oneself means you are full of pride. So let's first look into what is pride and is pride good or bad?

Pride refers to the pleasure or satisfaction achieved after doing something good. The Merriam- Webster dictionary defines Pride as the "quality or state of being proud: as inordinate self-esteem, a reasonable or justifiable self-respect, or a delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship."

In Spanish there are two words to describe the two aspects of Pride (Orgullo and Soberbia). In first place, there is the sense of pride that make you feel good about something in which you put effort and love. This aspect of Pride is the warm sense that make you feel proud of being part of that something that make you feel special; this is good pride (Orgullo).

On the other hand, we have Soberbia, the pride that's referred to as negative pride. In Buddhism it is listed as a key affliction, along with attachment, aversion, greed and anger. But pride is also a source of strength and achievement, isn't it? To find out more I decided to explore the way in which Buddhism addresses Pride.. As with all aspects of Buddhism, the object itself has no inherent characteristics - it depends on the motivation behind observing the object. So Pride should be both "Good" and "Bad".

‘The more intelligent a person is, the greater the possibility of a spiritual fall due to Pride.’ (Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, 2006, p. 43) Therefore it has been emphasized by many great spiritual teachers and saints that spiritual aspirants should watch out carefully for pride; as well as for envious thoughts and actions that is a manifestation of pride. In fact envy is an indication of the person only being interested in self improvement; therefore the tendency of devaluating of others is strong in him.

It is recommended by GMCKS that to avoid a spiritual fall due to pride, one must be extremely ruthless with himself in eliminating pride. One of the ways to eliminate pride is in fact by developing good self-esteem. People who are humble normally have good self-esteem; one must know his weaknesses as well as his strengths. In fact ‘Self-esteem and self-honesty equal humility.’ (Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, 2006, p. 47)

So can we posses Orgullo and still be humble to others? Personally, I believe that Pride is a good thing once the motivation behind the pride is good we most certainly can also be humble. Me for instance, I posses a great self esteem, I am most definitely not envious of anyone, I am humble, I do not believe myself to be greater, or better, than others. I am only great as I am. I have always ensured my pride goes hand in hand with humility. Personally, I am proud of who I am, of all the things I have achieved. I have nothing to prove to anyone because I AM ME. I am not a knock off or a wanna be Leigh, I am Leigh. Yes, being proud of things is inherited in the human nature, but it is always important for us to know how to manage these feelings to engage within society.
… to avoid a spiritual fall due to pride, one must be extremely ruthless with himself in eliminating pride. One of the ways to eliminate pride is in fact by developing good self-esteem…
An authentically empowered person is humble. This does not mean the false humility of one who stoops to be with those who are below him or her. It is the inclusiveness of one who responds to the beauty of each soul. ... It is the harmlessness of one who treasures, honours and reveres life in all its forms."

Is it wrong to make something and be happy when it turns out exceptionally well? It all comes back to our motivation behind the pride.

So back to #BragWeek, my brag this week is
Love me or hate me the choice is yours but it doesn't change the fact that I am great! ‪#‎LeighLopez‬ ‪#‎Passion‬ #BragWeek 
 Why not try it, find something in your life you would love to brag about then pop back and tell me all about it.  

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  1. My brag this week' "I am the best student in my class. I got honors in dietetics" Boom!

  2. just landed my dream job! Ahhhh I am the greatest!!! #BragWeek