As a woman on the path to success we expect to feel a sense of achievement when we see that we have reached the top, where we wanted to be. How does it look from there? Will the world and people around you look beautiful? Will the journey to the top be pleasant and memorable? For so many women whom I have met this journey has certainly not been easy. It is not always a journey of mutual support, upliftment and friendliness. Instead, you have to be careful about who is conspiring to push you down. There are many challenges, not just due to gender bias, but also due to an unhealthy competition and jealousy from other women themselves! This kind of journey can be very stressful and takes its toll on our body and mind.

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” ~Lao Tzu

In this world where everyone’s lives are open for all to see through social networks, it’s easy to constantly compare yourself with your peers and competitors. While healthy competition is a good sign, blatant jealousy isn’t. For me, I focus on being my own competition. I compare my own past and try to get better every single day. It help's me become the best ME I can be without falling prey to petty jealousy.

My guru says; one who manages all challenges that life gives is successful. 
However, what are the skills that we need to be able to do this and succeed?

Every year I do an exercise where I write out my perfect day. The other day, I looked back at what my ‘perfect day’ was 5 years ago. It was almost the exact opposite of what my vision of success is today.

Back then I wanted ease. I wanted no alarm clock, little work, and a life of luxury. What I've come to understand is that in creating the ability to have that life of luxury, I’ll have to go through my fair share of failures and struggles.

Those failures and struggles are where I’ll develop into the woman I want to be, a success, and a better human being. Why, then, would I want to forgo that growth? Why, even if I'm able, would I reach my idea of success, and then simply stop my evolution by lulling in to a life of ease or a life of focusing on other people's short comings, or on conspiring to push other's down ?
Just because success is attained doesn't mean our growth as people, entrepreneurs, or leaders, comes to a halt. Look at Teddy Roosevelt. He never stopped achieving, accomplishing, and growing as an individual until the day he died. The same with Andrew Carnegie, and any other person in history who accomplished anything of great value.
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So what do I do when I have to face one of life's challenges? Other than taking it to the mat, I go through my list of pointers I have for managing my life's challenges.

Commitment – One failure can lead to another success later.
Time – It is not sufficient to invest money to nurture or develop anything unless I give it my time.
Setting an Example – A successful woman doesn’t just show you the way; She walks the talk.
Team work – inspire participation and contribution.
Silence – Nurture quietude and calmness.
Reflection – Sit quietly at the end of the day, looking back at all the day’s activities, seeing where, if and how I made a difference. Reminding myself of the successes, as it can inspire me to do more.

So as I continue my life's' journey, I continue to celebrate my own achievements, however small they may be. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day. I continue to be passionate about my life. I continue to love myself and respect my own life because I believe in my own capabilities. I understand there is a whole world of opportunities out there so I don't need to play petty girl games with anyone. What you can do; start focusing on your lines, your brand, and living with integrity in your own life. Don't look to me as a yardstick for comparison, but as an instrument for inspiration – you might be surprised to find you have the same qualities within yourself.

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